Oh no!! Not gain..another rejection.


Are you a college Student?

Are you a fresher?

Are you an Employee?

Have you ever given an interview, however didn’t get Selected?

If Yes, then this article is for you.

The story begins, when I met a student in a public place, who was talking over the phone. In a disheartened tone, he said – ‘I have cleared all technical rounds, however got rejected in the HR round.Why does it happen to me every time ? I guess the problem is with me.’

Have you ever come across through, such situation in life?

My curiosity and inquisitiveness led me to start the conversation as soon as he was done with the call. I asked him, what you do and what happened exactly, then the story started…
He held a MCA and was just done with an interview. He said, “The company mentioned that, fresher’s and graduates are eligible for the interview. So, I thought of applying for the interview. I went for an interview, completed couple of technical rounds and qualified for the final HR Round. I thought, I will clear this round as well and get the offer letter.  However, after the HR round was finished, which went quite well according to me, they informd that I didnt clear the HR round. I have been in a bad modd since hearing the result.”
As the discussion progressed it seemed like he was smart and practical so I wondered as to what could have beeen the reason for his rejection?
I gathered additional information about the Job profile and got a fair idea about the candidate they might have been looking for. I poked a bit more into the questions and what were his answer to those questions and it understood why he might have got rejected. I told him, the company has not rejected you, because you are unskilled. It’s because, they couldn’t recognize your potential within such short time. It’s difficult for other person to know your technical skill, when a candidate is weak in presentation, so, in spite of having good technical skill, candidate may get rejected and so were you.
I gave him some insights on how to tackle interview questions and after further discussion, he seemed to be a little relaxed & optimistic. He also  understood his area of improvement & thanked while leaving.

Now, It’s time for you to understand some aspects of an interview and realize areas of improvement.

We need to remember, if a company rejects you then you should not get demotivated. You must take things positively, list down all the mistakes, which you have made during the interview and prepare for next one. That’s the thumb rule to be followed.

Not every decision of an interview panel members is Correct!!!

Yes, It is! Don’t be surprised.
However, we need to understand that it’s difficult for an interviewer to judge and understand the person on the other side within just an hour or so.
The interviewer’s judgement is based on candidate’s attitude and delivery of answer. However,
this judgementmight not be 100 % correct in all situations. I have seen many cases wherein the candidate selected in an interview not performing as expected. While the one rejected got selected for the same postion/role in other organisation living upto the interviewer’s expectations.

Know Your Worth!

Every individual, successful entrepreneur, employee has had such rejections in their life. Success and failure are part of a life and the interesting part is, none of it is permanent. So, you don’t have to blame yourself. Just identify your uniqueness and work accordingly.
If you were ever rejected in an interview, you should understand  the fact that you are a person with unique characteristics & ability.
Rejection from one company, doesn’t mean, you don’t have what it takes. You must explore more and you will get the opportunity to show your true potential. In the meantime, prepare yourself to have success when the next opportunity shows up.

Interview preparation is not a one day activity, it’s a continuous process.

There are various reasons for rejections, however have a look at few of them mentioned here.
  • It might be possible that the interview panel has failed to identify skillets of the candidate within the given time frame.
  • Not every time candidate is unskilled, sometimes, even a person who takes the interview might not be expert to take right decision within such a short time span.
  • Candidate might not get enough time to show their true potential.
  • Candidate may be very good in Technically sound but weak in presentation and expressing his skills or thoughts.
  • Candidate  gave answers without understanding a question or problem statement.
There are various reasons for rejection apart from these as well. There are various activities, tasks which you can do before and after an interview.
If you really want to prepare yourself and crack the  interview then you should prepare accordingly. Let MRIE be your guiding star!!!

So, what do you think?

Find this article helpful? Drop me a line in the comments, and I’ll be sure to get back to you right away. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.
Nilesh Shinolikar

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