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We are Creators

We have conceptualized the idea that transforms the way students and employees can begin, change, and develop their career. We are MRIE.

We Think Big

We have collaborated with some of the best minds in the industry. We have crafted the future, today. We are the next big thing for better recruitment.


We believe that a single Idea can generate multiple opportunities. We provide opportunities for Candidates, Panelists, and Employers as well.

The MRIE Mantra


Measure Your skill-level and professional capabilities to gain the advantage in a competitive industry.

Rank Candidates based on a unique rating system(with human and artificial intelligence),that supports self-evaluation as well as companies to hire talent as per their exact requirements.

Integrate Advanced skill-sets, and industry-oriented training as per MRIE recommendations to boost candidate performance and enrich the hiring process for companies.

Evaluate Progress with periodic checks and follow-ups to help candidates navigate the complexities of the profession.

Choose Your Field,
Choose Your Future

The Smart, Simple, & Sustainable Process
By combining human intelligence, knowledge and wisdom with technological advancements and AI, we bring together an effective solution for our candidates and companies.


Technical Evaluation

Know the core of your experience, knowledge and skills to find a specific role for you.


Counselling and Consulting

Assistance in choosing the right career path, based on your individual skills, interests, and competencies.


Training Guidance

Based on your evaluation and counselling sessions, we also recommend the scope of technical and soft skills training to help you excel.