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How it Works? – The MRIE Funda

The Smart, Simple, & Sustainable Process


By combining human intelligence, knowledge and wisdom with technological advancements and AI, we bring together an effective solution for our candidates and companies.

Here’s how MRIE Solutions function on a regular day:

A candidate is just starting out his career and needs advice on choosing the right first job. Or, he is already working with around 5 years of experience and has realized that it’s probably not a good fit

The candidate connects with MRIE and selects one or all three of our services – Consulting, Mock Interviews, Mentoring (a six-month programme)

MRIE panel members connect with the candidate for a 1 to 1 session

We begin by counselling the candidate on possible action plans to build or improve his career

We also offer technical evaluation by industry experts for the right analysis of skills, characteristics and expertise

Based on our technical and consultation sessions, we help the candidate choose the right career path But our role doesn’t end here

Through the mentoring sessions, we conduct regular feedback sessions with the candidate to know if he’s happy with the job/profile

Our experts suggest the right training in technical fields, certifications or even soft skills to help candidates get promotes and excel in the future

As a result, we reduce the time span candidates are spending trying to find their perfect job. We also enable more and more professionals to experience true job satisfaction in a role they like with the skills they possess.